About Premier

Our Marketplace Goals

Premier Auction Galleries is here for you!! We can liquidate a single item to an entire estate. Premier strives to identify, assess and distribute. We have and continue to prove our success with our clients by giving them professional experienced staff, maximum expose, endless marketing and our loyal in house bidder participation. We market and sell your items in one of our cataloged auctions best suited for your treasures or buy-out directly that day!! . Premier’s staff handles every detail for you …from professional item photography, description and marketing to buyer pick up and payment. Our Galleries means you don’t have to store auction items at your home. Our local, national and international exposure maximizes buyer potential!

Shop The Gallery and “Buy-Now”

Find your high-end jewelry, fine art, collections, automobiles, many other decorative arts and treasures while shopping in our Online Gallery. “Buy-it-now” means you can purchase and come pick up or have our delivery team ship or delivery to your home! This is a great way to buy for those that may be timed or not “auction goers”.

Personal Property Consultations

Premier Auction Galleries offers free assessment or consultations of your belongings to help decide whether our marketplace is the best suitable for your needs. Premier also offers paid service partnerships for  insurance appraisals purposed if need. Areas of expertise include:

  • Fine & Vintage Jewelry
  • Fine Art & Decorative Arts
  • Full Collections (i.e vintage advertising, sports memorabilia)
  • Furniture
  • Coins
  • Bronzes & Sculpture
  • Paintings and Fine Art
  • Posters, Toys & Advertising
  • Fire Arms
  • Automobiles

Collections – Downsizing – Estate Liquidates –Clean Outs-Transport and Shipping

Downsizing is tough, stressful and often a overwhelming process! Where do I begin? Who do I can for this? And this? Or that? From the daunting task of sorting what (and what not) to keep,to letting go of beloved
possessions.. Whether you are downsizing, executor of an estate or going through a divorce… all situationsthat can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining. Premier Auction Galleries makes the transition and
process smooth as possible with our simple attack, sort and identify process and our team of experienced
professionals to walk through it all with you!

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